If you’re curious as to where Mommy Hearts Coffee went on Blogger went… I am right here!
No worries Coffee hounds, you’re in the right spot. Yes, it’s me. Formerly known as Coffee Mommy, I have chosen to reveal the real woman behind the words…

Salut, I’m Sheila-Lynne!

My Quest is to embolden you,
to inspire you, and to revel in God’s love for you
by sharing my journey as a coffee and cookie loving, cherished wife,
zombie killing, hipster mommy.

Why “Hipster & Cookies”?

The name is a play on all things retro and anti-square – referring to my desire to maintain all forms of authenticity of self. “Honesty and authenticity are a big deal for me.” – Scarlett Thomas. I invite you to read my Behind Hipsters & Cookies post to learn more about the name and how it inspires my writing.

And what do I write about?

I started this blog primarily to cover the crazy life we live as a modern couple that mirrors several concepts reflective of the retro era gone-by. I intended to focus on the unique issues we face with a son with autism, and two beautiful girls – and how my faith pushes me to remain steadfast, and authentic in my daily life.

It is my intention to write words of encouragement, love, and support. I want to put my entire being and soul into the words that flow from my heart to your soul, while keeping a fun modern feel along our journey. I want to celebrate together as sisters, our fondness for fashion, beauty, food, and so much more.

It is my hope that you feel extremely welcome here, and that among the posts of witty antics chasing hunts of zombies and stylish fashion, you’ll find words that warm your soul, and find your soul desiring to encourage other women along the way.


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