Before I’m Toe Up

My Bucket List

Here is my bucket list of things I want to experience and
accomplish in my life. I got pretty detailed with it and separated them
into categories. One of the things I want to do is inspire 100 people to
create their own bucket list. If this does inspire you, let me know! Tweet to me – entitled “You Inspired me!” and attach your bucket list. I would love to read it  🙂

Success Breakthroughs

  1. Write a Bucket List
  2. Become a “Who’s who” in Columbus
  3. Be invited to speak to 500 or more people about my success or my expertise in an area
  4. Be on the Board of Advisors in the Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  5. Start my YouTube Channel
  6. Start my blog
  7. Get 1,000 subscribers on Youtube
  8. Become a partner on Youtube and make it profitable
  9. Have Hipsters and Cookies give to charity
  10. Make my blog profitable
  11. Have the feeling that “I’ve made it!”
  12. Own my own house
  13. Pay for a car with cash
  14. Inspire 100 people to make their bucket lists
  15. Be the inspiration of why someone did something great
  16. Have such an positive impact on people that someone comes up to me I don’t know and tells me I changed their life
  17. Be in the newspaper (not for a crime or some dumb thing I did)
  18. Be on TV (not as an extra)
  19. Be interviewed by a national news publication or show
  20. Meet and interview 10 self made millionaires
  21. Buy the girls their wedding dresses
  22. Know that my dad is genuinely proud of me
  23. Have my dream office in a comfy room at home that is bright and fun.
  24. Have someone I don’t know – recognize me from something and ask to take a picture with me
  25. Have someone I don’t know legitimately ask me for my autograph
  26. Write a book
  27. Be a part of Autism Speaks
  28. 31 days in a row of reading everyday, quiet time, waking up early, etc
  29. Become debt free
  30. Become financially independent
  31. In one year, make a million dollars
  32. Obtain Bachelors in eMarketing
  33. Obtain Masters in Marketing


  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Couch surf in a place I’ve never been before
  4. Go to Disney Europe
  5. Go to Europe
  6. Visit China
  7. Visit Egypt
  8. Visit California
  9. Visit NYC

Sports & Special Interests

  1. Be able to do a human flag pole
  2. Snow Board
  3. Wake Board (attempt trick)
  4. Play my first round of golf
  5. Get into a real fight and win (extra points for a flying knee or a high kick to the head)
  6. Weight 135lbs
  7. Skydive
  8. Scuba Dive
  9. Surf
  10. Climb a mountain
  11. Bungee jump
  12. Sky dive with a squirrel suit Super Mario style!
  13. Fly in a hot air balloon
  14. Be front row at the CMA’s
  15. Have seat to an Indiana State University game
  16. Hang glide
  17. Experience 0 gravity
  18. Meet Rachel Ray
  19. Ride a mechanical bull
  20. Go to a house of trampolines


  1. Go on a missions trip to a foreign country
  2. Have a prophetic vision that comes true
  3. Deliver someone from a manifested spirit
  4. See an angel with my own eyes
  5. Literally hear a choir of angels
  6. Share the story of how God changed my life to a crowd of 500 or more people and invite them to have the same experience
  7. Pray for someone and see God heal them with the holy spirit in my presence
  8. Celebrate Christmas
  9. Give $10,000 to charity

Cool Experiences

  1. Be in a YouTube Vlog that isn’t mine
  2. Be in a AlexG Video
  3. Become personal friends with someone famous
  4. Meet Paula Deen
  5. Meet Oprah
  6. Meet The Lacs
  7. Meet Mushroomhead             July 2002
  8. Be on the news
  9. Be on Saturday Night Live
  10. Organize a flash mob
  11. Fly in a helicopter
  12. Fly in a jet
  13. Eat a kobe beef steak
  14. Eat at one of the best sushi places in the world
  15. See Cirque du Soleil
  16. Have dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the entire city
  17. Go explore the wilderness for a day and camp in the middle of nowhere
  18. Do a voice over for a character on a kids show
  19. Know I can survive in the wilderness like in “The Hatchet”
  20. Know that I can survive an attack of zombies
  21. Perform in front of a group with piano/guitar and vocals
  22. Do street magic
  23. Be on a game show
  24. Live in a condo or apartment downtown
  25. Look up at the stars in a place where this isn’t a single light for miles.

Love, Romance and Family Relationships

  1. Have an awesome proposal
  2. Get Married
  3. Go on a honeymoon
  4. See my daughters get married
  5. See first grandchild
  6. Join the Mile High Club
  7. Go on my 1st mommy daughter date
  8. Have my children as adults tell me that I was a good mother

Learn Something New

  1. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  2. Learn how to dance
  3. Learn Zumba
  4. Learn how to windmill
  5. Learn how to circle glide
  6. Learn how to effectively communicate with the Spanish language
  7. Learn how Krav Maga
  8. Learn how to do a run up wall back flip
  9. Learn how to free style rap
  10. Learn how to twirk
  11. Learn how to play the guitar

Just ‘Cause

  1. Dig a real tunnel through a bunch snow
  2. Own a motorcycle
  3. Have a my own 50’s housewife style tv show
  4. Chop down a tree with an axe
  5. Prank someone hardcore (Punked style)
  6. Get a new tattoo
  7. Eat real sashimi
  8. Own a gun
  9. Own a bow and arrow (Legolas Style)
  10. Walk around a crowded area in a Where’s Waldo costume
  11. Send a message in a bottle
  12. Help a celebrity accomplish something on their bucket list
  13. Be on a nationally televised tv show

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